Key Account Manager Hudson | Shanghai, China

Job Details:
1. Define market opportuniti es and KAs. Set KA sales target and achieve the target.
2. Open new KAs. Establish customer relationship and introduce product to the customer.
3. Set agreed JBP based on the company and Channel strategies.
4. Monitors the monthly performanc e vs. the goals for Sales, KPI achievemen t and Training. Reports these results in a monthly report.
5. Personally participates and presents in Quarterly Business Reviews with Customers. Responsible for scheduling the Top to Top Meetings with each of the Customers at least annually.
6. Ensures all customers outlets are effectively covered and managed by either field Sales people or Sales people/Distr ibutors.
7. Provides a Sales Forecast for the National Customers' promotions and ensures that these allocations are made available for the Customers and ordered by the Customers to avoid any out of stock situation.
8. Creates the Best Place to Work environmen t - Provides an Annual Organizatio n plan that includes recommend ations for promotions and training courses for each person to attend to ensure effective developmen t. Must work with each Direct report at least monthly on a specific developmen t need. Will be responsible for the developmen t plan for each of these key people.
9. Provides monthly data from the field on Initiatives, pricing, distribution, shelving, merchandis ing and competitive activity.
10. Owns the specific RTM strategy for the National Customers and must prepare a recommen dation detailing the objectives, resources required to achieve the following years plan.
11. Responsibl e for defining in-store merchandi sing material (such as display bins, promoter tools, etc.). Proactively implement ing global best-sellin g practices to drive increase in sales of currently authorized products
12. Pilot new product launch in National KAs. Define marketing opportunit ies in national KA and work closely with Marketing and new product developme nt team to initiate new product or new promotions...
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