Hardware Security Architect | Apple Santa Clara, CA, US

Job Details:
We are looking for candidates with strong security experience spanning both hardware and software, especially for mobile devices. The candidate will work with a cross- functional engineering team to create, define and verify security systems.
*. Prototyping of various HW and SW security related situations
*. Analysis of HW and SW attack mechanisms
*. Architect attack mitigations (HW and SW)
*. Develop evaluation plans for both HW and SW
Education Details
Key Qualifications
MSEE/MSCE or equivalent relevant experience required
Requires 5+ years of relevant experience
Solid background in the design of secure systems and micro- architecture of security blocks
Working knowledge of symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic algorithms
Knowledge of microprocessor architecture
Experience in analyzing the security of a design for weaknesses, including side-channel attacks
Good knowledge of Verilog and FPGA prototyping
Experience in C/C++ programming
Experience using an interpretive language such as Perl/Python
Ability to independently pursue new ideas and innovations..
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