Front-end Developer | Midokura - Barcelona

Job Details:
As a front-end engineer, you’ll be tasked with building out the face of our disruptive network virtualization technology. The primary project is building our Midonet Manager, which is used for management and troubleshooting of the entire virtual network for public and private clouds. You’ll be working with a small team, and have an opportunity to shape the direction of our product moving forward. Working on the Midonet Manager requires tight communication with product and technical development teams within Midokura.
Job Description
*.Write front-end code in Javascript (mostly ES2015 compliant), HTML/CSS.
*.Implement new UI features and optimize existing ones.
*.Work on Real-Time visualisation
*.Work closely with, and incorporate feedback from, product management, UI designers, Sales and other engineers.
*.Creating innovative new ways to easily manage complicated things.
*.Responsible for creating a great UI and UX for our customers.
Required Skills
*.At least 2 years of experience in a similar role.
*.Excellent programming skills in JavaScript.
*.Experience with a javascript SPA framework like Angular, Backbone, React or Ember (we use ember).
*.Expert CSS and HTML skills
*.BS or MS in Computer Science or related degree
[Preferred Skill]
*.Experience with Websockets
*.Experience writing, unit tests and integration tests in javascript
*.Experience with continuous integration
*.Experience with agile development practices
*.Ability to visualize large amounts of data in a beautiful and elegant ways
*.Personal projects that show aptitude for front-end engineering and product design.
Academic Background
BS or MS or related field required (preferably in Computer Science)..
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