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Job Details:
Primary Objective(s)
Provide project and product management functions with respect to the acquisition, planning, design, development, release, and maintenance of new content features and functionality for relevant product systems. Partner with other departments to manage the development of new and maintenance of existing product lines.
Legal / Legal Editorial Operations /
Key Responsibilities
*.Plan and draft designs for new databases, database combinations, or database enhancements. Communicate and coordinate implementation of design concepts with various departments. Clearly understands the relationship between the data and the design.
*.Serve as product owner of projects/products, coordinating acquisition of data, resolving licensing issues and notifying product planning that business case concepts are ready for development.
*.Manage development of projects to ensure participation of all necessary parties, that schedules are met and databases are released on time.
*.Initiate contact with external data providers or internal information owners with regard to acquisition or maintenance of data and maintain positive working relationships.
*.Develop and maintain positive working relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
*.Review and test development and production databases, client/server applications, gateways, services, and functionality, etc.
*.Participates on task forces to identify, plan and implement department-wide and team process improvements.
*.Troubleshoot, analyze, and resolve issues discovered in developmental or production databases, and answer questions from other departments regarding content.
*.Collaborate, liaise and may lead small to medium projects and initiatives with other teams/departments to achieve objectives.
*.Organize and facilitate meetings.
*.Develop and maintain products focusing on current and emerging customer needs.
*.Proactive in identifying inefficiencies and recommending appropriate changes.
*.Solves a range of problems; analyzes possible solutions and makes recommendations for solving complex problems.
*.Interprets customer needs and assesses requirements based on policies and standards...
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