Epidemiologist | WHO (World Health Organization) Genève

Job Details:
The purpose of the position is to assist in improving the capacity of the Convention Secretariat in the areas of epidemiology and project management. The position will support the work of the Reporting and Knowledge Management team that provides assistance to Parties and organizes the reporting process and various mechanisms operated by the Convention Secretariat to disseminate data for the benefit of all Parties.
Organizational context:
The incumbent will be a member of the Secretariat's Reporting and Knowledge Management team and work under the direct supervision of the team leader, Reporting and Knowledge Management. S/he will also cooperate with other members of the Secretariat on Party assistance projects, as required.
Description of duties:
The incumbent will work in cooperation with and under the guidance of the relevant manager in the Convention Secretariat, and shall contribute to the work of the Secretariat in the following areas:
- Provides for the daily management of Parties' implementation reports, including communication with Parties;
- Conducts the review and management of data reported by Parties, including quantitative data with respect to prevalence to tobacco use, and contributes to the calculation of subregional, regional and global prevalence figures and estimates to assess global progress in and impact of implementation of the WHO FCTC;
- Supports the Secretariat and the involved experts in data analysis and writing of the report on the global progress in implementation of the Convention;
- Maintains discussion forums on the networking platform of the WHO FCTC;
- Contributes to the work of the expert group on impact assessment through, inter alia, collecting information from the Parties selected for impact assessment, supporting the group by preparing tables, analytical reports, working on databases, etc. and in organizing the country missions, including communication with counterparts in host countries, identifying the entities to be visited/contacted, and participate in missions, as requested; providing input on matters concerning tobacco policy analysis and epidemiology, as requested by the expert group;
- Contributes to the management and the work of the expert group on reporting arrangements, through communicating with its members, contributing to the elaboration of technical papers supporting the deliberations of the expert group and other ways, as requested;
- Performs any other tasks, as appropriate, and as requested by the Convention Secretariat.
A first university degree in medicine, public health, epidemiology, or health policy, with a specialization in global health.
An advanced university degree (Masters level or above) in medicine, public health, epidemiology, or health policy, with a specialization in global health...
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