Elementary and Middle School Teachers | Solano Christian Academy Fairfield, CA, US

Job Details:
Summary: All classroom teachers are directly responsible to the Administrator of the school. Each teacher will adhere to and enforce the policies and regulations of the Solano Christian Academy’s Board of the directors. Each teacher will also perform duties related to regular classroom assignment and additional duties as assigned by the Administrator.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities includes the following. Other duties may be assigned.
Instructional Techniques and Strategies.
• Effectively organize and present lessons, maximizing use of instructional time.
• Use instructional techniques at appropriate levels of difficulty.
• Use knowledge of sound principles of learning in presenting instruction..
Curricular Objectives.
• Demonstrate knowledge of the curriculum and subject matter for which the employee is responsible.
Pupil Progress.
• Diagnose student achievement levels.
• Formulate long-range and short-term objectives for students.
• Use appropriate lesson objectives for students.
• Use skills sequencing within a subject area.
• Evaluate student progress.
Learning Environment.
• Establish conditions under which students exercise self-discipline, leadership, citizenship and initiative.
• Create a classroom environment which promotes learning.
• Organize students for effective instruction.
• Plan for and make effective use of time, materials and resources.
• Maintain and submit student records in a timely manner.
• Plan and schedule appropriate use of volunteers and assistants.
Interpersonal Relations.
• Demonstrate effective interpersonal relationships with students, peers, administrators and parents/community.
Professional Behavior.
• Follow Solano Christian Academy, Board of Directors, policies, as well as school procedures, rules and regulations.
• Demonstrate a concern for student health and safety.
• Collaborate with others to fulfill responsibilities related to goals and priorities.
• Accept and fulfill assigned responsibilities and duties in a timely and efficient manner.
• Participate in professional growth opportunities.
• Promote a positive professional image by action, communication, and appearance.
• Maintain confidentiality in all professional relationships.
Requirements for Applying
QUALIFICATIONS: • Teaching Credential Required • Must be Computer Literate • Excellent Classroom Management Skills Required • Must pass Department of Justice Fingerprint Clearance
One requirement from each bulleted group MUST be met before your application will be considered. • Resume • Letter of Introduction • Letter(s) of Recommendation (a minimum of three (3) recent letters of recommendation.)..
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