Devices Sales Manager | Brightstar Corp. Beijing

Job Details:
The Devices Sales Manager is accountable for the all sales of used devices in China, covering both strat-buys and BBTI/FPC returned devices. The key objectives are:
– Maximize overall gross margins
– Develop channels and trading partners according to directions in alignment with Brightstar’s overall strategy and objectives as well as ensure sell-through of all collected devices
– Ensure velocity of sell-through to minimize inventory holding
For the immediate responsibility, the Sales Manager will focus on building channels for strat-buy allocations. We expect to develop channels in China that will digest more than 50,000 units per month over the first six months and to develop a stretch target of 100K per month. For China, the expected annual volume will be in excess of 1,000,000 units with an ASP of USD300. This translate to an annual revenue of USD 300M.
Achieves revenue and GP targets for closed opportunities based on approved business cases.
Develops Account Plans for key partners and channels covering performance objectives, financial targets and critical milestones for a one and three-year period.
Coordinates company executive involvement with customer management.
Preferred Educational Requirements
Bachelors Degree
– Understand market dynamics and business trends
– Coordinate with sales executives in Hong Kong and other regions to ensure that Brightstar maintains clear channel objectives, maximizing through-put and margins
– Coordinate with finance and operation teams for support of business transactions.
– Develop sales channels in China to support volumes of 30-50,000 units per month.
– Identify sales channels and grow sell-through to support BBTI program and start-buy in China with estimated volumes of 1 million units per year by 2017...
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