Design Research Consultant | Plan Strategic London, United Kingdom

Job Details:
Key tasks
Cross-studio projects
*. Project manage a wide range of projects within front- end innovation to ensure projects are delivered on time and to budget including setting up relevant tools and processes
*. Write repeat proposals and smaller new proposals
*. Work with project leads to deliver a range of projects to include trends, expert interviews, desk research, consumer research, service strategy and proposition development
*. Assist in the set-up, running and capturing of client workshops
*. Liaise with clients and key stakeholders to deliver high-standar d client service
*. Work with senior members of our team to develop compelling presentation s, books and interactive deliverables
Design research
*. Lead the set-up, moderation and capturing of qualitative consumer research
*. Analyse consumer research data to help uncover insights and identify opportunitie s
*. Rigorously set up and participate in and facilitate insight analysis
*. Create standalone research presentation s to communicat e insights and opportunitie s
*. Assist in developing our research offer and maintaining knowledge of tools, equipment and processes in this area
*. Develop compelling ways to communicat e research insights including formats other than screen based presentation s such as summary booklets, persona posters, experience map posters and videos?
*. Support the development of new ways of conducting research to complement the design process
Studio contribution
*. Contribute to upkeep of internal knowledge management resources e.g. archiving projects, updating image banks etc
*. Keep abreast of key design, business and lifestyle trends to share knowledge with the studio and help to maintain our trends database
Knowledge, competences and experience
*. Experienced professional with at least 3 to 5 years’ experience of working in a design research environment
*. Analytical and intuitive thinker who can use both sides of your brain to help our team: identify opportunitie s from research data, develop design strategies and create tools that help our clients implement their strategies
*. Experience in using consumer research to help to inform and complement the design process
*. Experienced in working at the front- end of innovation, using exploratory research techniques
*. Systematic and structured approach to problem solving
*. An empathic people person who is adept, sensitive and perceptive at gathering data from consumers
*. Enthusiastic team player, who is eager to learn and help
*. Strong eye for visual communicati on, with proficiency in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
*. Good written communicat or, able to summarise ideas and observations clearly and concisely
*. Competent photographe r who can help document consumer research, product experiences..
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