Data Scientist (Machine Learning) | Grab Singapore

Job Details:
*.Build, validate, test, and deploy machine learning models (e.g. predictive, forecasting, clustering) using proven and experimental techniques. Deploy an online learning model where applicable
*.Define hypotheses, develop and execute necessary tests, experiments, and analyses to prove or disprove them
*.Develop creative algorithms by employing machine learning, and data mining techniques
*.Translate data speak to human speak by effectively conceptualizing analysis to team members and business stakeholders
*.Contribute to team’s innovation and IP creation
Relevant Experience
*.Proficient in RDBMS such as PostgresQL or MySQL; and statistical programming in languages like R, Matlab, Python, Java, or SAS
*.Strong understanding of predictive modeling algorithms such as logistic regression, neural networks, SVM and decision trees
*.Experience in building ML models at scale, using real-time big data pipelines on platforms such as Spark/MapReduce
*.Familiar with noSQL, postGIS, stream processing and distributed computing platforms
*.Ph.D. graduate, or Masters(with at least 3 years of experience), in Computer Science, Electrical/Computer Engineering , Operations Research, Industrial Engineering or Mathematics/Statistics
*.Experience working independently and in a team
*.Working knowledge of Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, MPP Databases, or stream processing techniques
*.Self-motivated, independent learner, and willing to share knowledge with team members
*.Detail-oriented and efficient time manager in a dynamic and fast-paced working environment..
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