Data Analyst | IDP Education Ltd Chennai, India

Job Details:
Purpose: To provide an effective and efficient Data Service support to IDP Systems users and work closely with various IDP Cross functional work groups and third party vendors for resolving incidents and fulfilling service requests pertaining data and reports.
Ensuring high-integrity of data is maintained in the IDP maintained systems / tools and adhere to the processes.
Key Responsibilities:
*. CRM Course Data management working along with cross- functional and 3rd Party teams Analyse data and display data in an accurate and meaningful manner
*. Perform various data management tasks including but not limited to data import, data export and data update of any IDP maintained systems / tools / processes
*. Data collection and data mining for various business requirement s
*. Produce various reports and dashboards related to the data within acceptable frequency and on a recurring basis
*. Develop functional requirement s for reports based on discussions and design sessions with the key stakeholders
*. Translate requirement s in an effort to dissect and translate the underlying request into the reports
*. Decipher the information and present to stakeholders and System Users Document findings and recommenda tions and communicat e effectively though both verbal and written channels Prepare accurate sample files for distribution using Excel.
*. Prepare and assist in testing for various IDP systems and projects..
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