Customer Service Specialist (Real Estate) | Chase International Reno, NV, US

Job Details:
A Customer Service Specialist (Real Estate) is a real estate agent who advises clients throughout the process of purchasing and selling property. Clients can get overwhelmed during a real estate transaction as the process is both complicated and emotional. Customer Service Specialists help these clients through offering advice, representing them during negotiations and drawing up contract terms that serve the client’s best interest. As a Customer Service Specialist, you must have exemplary interpersonal and customer service skills and be able to communicate promptly with a large roster of clients.
Job Responsibilities
*.Walk clients through every step of a real estate transaction whether buying or selling a home
*.Understand what makes a home sell quickly and for great value and pass that information on to clients
*.Study real estate trends and understand home values and how to price a home reasonably
*.Network with potential clients and advertise your Customer Service Specialist services to the community
*.Listen to your clients’ needs and show them homes that fit their criteria
*.Mediate during mutual acceptance offers and contract negotiations to make sure your client’s concerns are being heard..
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