Customer Service Rep (CSR) | CircleK Jacksonville, NC, US

Job Details:
This position is a non-exempt (hourly) employee who reports to the Store Manager
It is the Company's intention to provide enough information to all applicants and employees regarding the actual job duties (both physical and mental) of each position so individuals can decide if they are qualified to adequately perform such tasks. Due to the vast number of tasks that may be assigned to each position, the following list is the Company's attempt to summarize the kinds of duties it has identified as "essential" for those holding this position.
Minimum Requirements
*. Ability to communicat e (orally and in writing) in English
*. Capable of being at work as scheduled to relieve prior shift employees
*. Experience in retail sales preferred
*. Legally eligible to work in the United States
*. Reliable transportatio n to and from the store
Willingness To
*. Ask customers if they are interested in purchasing additional items (suggestive "plus" selling)
*. Be professional, friendly and helpful to customers, vendors, and co-workers
*. Follow Company policies, as well as State and Federal laws
*. Work alone and with others
*. Work with minimum direction and follow instructions given by supervisor(s)
Physical Ability - The Employee Must Have The Ability To
*. Be exposed to cold or hot temperature extremes in the walk-in cooler, freezer and/or outdoors
*. Bend at waist with some twisting during the workday
*. Clean interior/exte rior areas (trash disposal, bathrooms, spills, etc.)
*. Grasp, reach and manipulate objects with hands continuously throughout the day. (This requires eye-hand coordination , and may occasionally require climbing a ladder to store/retriev e materials or place/remov e signs)
*. Occasionally lift and/or carry up to 50 pounds from ground to waist (to replenish fountain syrups, ice, etc.)
*. Routinely lift and/or carry up to 30 pounds from ground to overhead (stocking /maintaining inventory levels on the shelves, in the cooler and freezer, etc.)
*. Push/pull with arms up to a force of 20 pounds (utilizing a hand-truck, sweep and mop the floors, etc.)
*. Stand, stoop and/or walk for an entire shift
Mental Capabilities
*. Accurately complete daily paperwork
*. Properly ring up all sales on a cash register, accurately count back change, handle money, checks, and other types of payment received for products sold
Operation Of Equipment
*. Efficiently perform multi- function operations of all store equipment (fuel pumps, measure fuel tank levels, etc.)
*. Maintain property and equipment to ensure customers have a safe shopping experience
*. Follow Company Loss Prevention and Safety Procedures, such as the 5 minute "incident notification" rule, and wearing suitable clothing for safety purposes, etc...
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