Consultancy for Update of CSO Anti-Corruption Programming Capacity (3 Consultants) | UNDP Abuja, Nigeria

Job Details:
The “Support to Anti-Corruption in Nigeria” project (FED/2012/022-161) (NGAX60) has been formulated in collaboration with national stakeholders and is funded by the European Union (EU) under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF). The EU and the Government of Nigeria have entrusted the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) with the implementation of the project, which will support the Nigerian Government by contributing to Nigeria’s efforts in enhancing transparency, accountability and combating corruption. The objectives of the project are:
*.To provide effective support to anti-corruption coordination, policy formulation and legislation;
*.To strengthen institutional and operational capacity in the main anti-corruption agencies, with an emphasis on cooperation; and
*.To enhance accountability, transparency and public engagement.
Underlying the aforementioned objectives is the realization that, with coordination and support, a vibrant civil society in Nigeria can play a crucial role and is an invaluable asset in the fight against corruption through its networks and access to the community at large. Therefore this project aims to strengthen the participation of civil society organisations, by enhancing public participation through awareness raising activities and by implementing a grant scheme to strengthen the capacity and expertise of civil society to contribute to the fight against corruption and help increase public accountability in Nigeria.
While UNODC will work with national stakeholders towards achieving the first two objectives, the third objective which seeks to achieve the stated outcome: “civil society organizations empowered to increase the provision of services and their participation in anti-corruption activities enhanced” will be implemented by UNDP.
UNDP requires 3 National Consultants to update the capacity assessment, operations and scope of CSOs at the National and sub-national levels.
*.Update the directory of CSOs working on the subject of Anti-Corruption;
*.Update the assessment of the socio-economic, politico-cultural, legal environment and context within which CSOs operate;
*.Update the assessment of the human, material, financial and technical capacities of the CSOs operating at the regional and national levels; and Review the specific Anti-Corruption activities in which CSOs are involved...
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