Cloud Systems Admin | Latitude Inc Reston, VA, US

Job Details:
Implement and manage multi-server deployments in a virtual environment, such as AWS or Rackspace Cloud.
Collaborate with development teams to deploy new code to production environments.
Set up and maintain monitoring systems and alarms for production environments.
Set up back-up mechanisms for production environment and test disaster recovery mechanisms.
Collaborate with Operations and Development teams to evolve operations best practices.
Participate in 24/7 on-call schedules with team members
5-7 years’ experience combining Development and Operational Administration.
In-depth knowledge of an infrastructure automation framework, such as Chef, Puppet, or Ansible.
Strong Linux System Administration experience – specifically for web applications.
Proficiency in scripting languages and shells – Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, and shell scripting.
Experience setting up and managing MySQL Databases.
Experience setting up and managing Tomcat, Apache, and Solr.
Ability to articulate concepts/ideas and work effectively with others under pressure.
Incorporate commitments, strategic objectives, and day-to-day tasks seamlessly.
High level of problem solving and conflict resolution capabilities.
Knowledge and experience of typical build and release management processes, including continuous integration packages such as Hudson or Jenkins.
Knowledge and experience of operational monitoring systems, such as Hyperic or Nagios.
Development experience with Java in a web application setting – BIG PLUS.
Exposure to Cloud Engineering - BIG PLUS.
BS in Computer Sciences or equivalent experience required...
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