Chief Sales Officer | United States Medical Supply Miami/Fort Lauderdale

Job Details:
We are seeking an executive who will be responsible for obtaining the expected growth results through in-the-field work plus continued development of the sales and marketing functions.
The Chief Sales Officer will be a key member of the US MED executive team and be responsible for driving all revenue, marketing, and business development initiatives and overseeing the Sales & Marketing team. This is a growth hire for the Company.
DME / HME Chief Sales Officer
Job Description Highlights:
The Chief Sales Officer will be responsible for selling DME/HME supplies, Wellness Programs, Inter-Connected Diabetes, mHealth, Urology, and Other products & services to healthcare organizations including National and Regional Health Plans, Hospitals, and Provider Organizations as well as other viable markets/ targets.
This position is responsible for sustainable new revenue growth by creating and managing short, mid- and long-term sales strategies to maximize market penetration and overall revenue growth of the business, as outlined below:
*. Establishing and maintaining long term relationships with key client accounts/ payors and key strategic partners
*.Developing new profitable business relationships
*.Managing contracts & developing proposed pricing for major accounts
*.New Product Development in related and adjacent product categories
*.Developing and leading the sales and marketing organization
*.Managing a team (including National Sales Team Directors, Territory Managers, Marketing Department, and Managed Care Contracting Department) to execute sales and marketing strategies
*.Developing and implementing best-practice sales processes
*.Setting key performance indicators (KPIs) for the sales team to provide for the analysis and evaluation of effectiveness of the sales efforts and, where necessary, make appropriate changes to the team
*.Optimizing sales and marketing investments
*.Optimizing marketing spend across channels (including Internet, Direct Response TV, etc.) and optimizing spend associated with in-the-field sales reps
*. Maintaining knowledge base of industry, regulatory, and competitor activity
*.Business Development and participating in Merger & Acquisition opportunities where applicable
*.Advising the Board & Executive Team on sales strategy, forecasting and general management issues
*.Assisting in the development of sales and marketing budgets
*.Planning and coordinating advertising, public relations, and community outreach..
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