Cash Management Operations Manager - Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria

Job Details:
• Assist Unit Head in coordinating, driving and directing effective compliance and operational risk management at the Business Unit level.
•Implement controls within the Business Unit to meet all regulatory and internal requirements
•Ensure proper functioning of day-to-day controls, periodic monitoring activities and timely resolution of risk issues
1. Operational Risk (OR) Organization
• Ensure OR objectives for the year are communicated to and adopted by RPs in their JOs & JDs
• Ensure OR toolkits are embedded within the business (KRI, Phoenix Risk & Loss Module, ORF Optial)
• Disseminate internal policies, regulatory requirements and other OR related communication to the unit in a timely fashion
• Develop / update procedures for compliance and management of operational risk in a timely fashion
• Coordinate and/or undertake periodic self-assessments within the unit
•Undertake periodic OR review assessment on high-risk processes, as required
•Facilitate implementation of OR initiatives for the business unit
•Review OR issues reported by the unit for completeness and accuracy
•Coordinate and consolidate OR issues and loss reporting in Phoenix for prompt escalation to OR Committees
• Ensure significant risks issues (including issues highlighted by Group Internal Audit, external audit, regulators and compliance reviews) are addressed in an adequate and timely fashion
• Source of reference within the business unit in facilitating and promoting the understanding of OR
• Be involved in the risk analysis of a complaint as it could indicate a process-weakness or control breakdown.
• Ensure that all significant OR issues are escalated as required by policy in a timely fashion.
• Double-hat or act as a backup for Head, CMO
• Performance of BKCSA, GKCSA on Optial before due date (if available) and submission of FORC papers promptly to R&C.
• Reviewing of COPMan checks carried out by Cash Operations RP. Exceptions noted to be escalated to Head Cash Operations and R&C.
• Monthly surprise checks using the agreed UORM checklists to ensure adherence.
2. Money Laundering Prevention (MLP) and Sanction Procedures
• May act as Unit Money Laundering Prevention Officer
• Assist BMLPO in ensuring appropriate internal controls and procedures for Money
• Laundering are in place, working as intended and documented
• Assist in the investigation of financial crime risks, where appropriate
• Review and evaluate SAR raised by business for escalation to BMLPO/CMLPO
• Source of reference for MLP related issues and interpretation of policy / regulatory requirements
• Be aware of and comply with Group Policy, Local Laws and Regulations relating to the prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing..
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