Basketball Performance Director | Saudi Basketball Federation Saudi Arabia

Job Details:
Purpose of the Role:-
To develop and implement a High Performance Strategy for the Saudi Arabian Basketball Federation, aligned to the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee’s (SAOC) High Performance Strategy.
Roles & Responsibilities:-
Strategic and Technical Roles & Responsibilities:
*. Develop and implement a high performance strategy designed to achieve international sporting success, with a primary focus on achieving peak performance at the Asian Games.
*. Work with the SAOC to define athlete selection policies and procedures for inclusion in the Elite Saudi Athlete Programme athlete training grant, rewards, recognition and support programme.
*. Define athlete selection policies and procedures for each major event.
*. In partnership with relevant stakeholders, lead on the development and implementation of domestic and regional club and competition structures, from age-grade through to open-age, which optimise the long-term development of senior level national athletes and teams.
*. Work with the Federation’s Secretary General and Basketball participation lead to define athlete development pathways from grass roots participation through to senior national level.
*. Ensure access to suitable inter-disciplinary sports science and medicine (SSSM) services via the proposed KSA Sports Institute.
*. Work with the SAOC’s Head of Performance Coach Development and other coaching stakeholders to develop and implement a high performance coach development programme for Basketball.
*. Define Basketball’s high performance (national squads) domestic training and competition facility requirements and schedule.
*. Establish and supervise post-event review processes.
*. Establish and supervise athlete case-conferences to track progress against individual athlete development programmes.
*. Act as Team Leader at major events as required and otherwise ensure that the Basketball Federation complies with all registration matters for international competitions.
*. Act as the Federation's anti-doping officer as required.
*. Build strong & strategic relationships with the SAOC, other Federations’ Performance Directors, Regional Basketball entities and FIBA.
*. Work with the SAOC on any multi-sport event planning and preparation activity.
*. Negotiate, execute and monitor player release and player development protocols for TeamSaudi squad members, including but not limited to: medical care, health screening, fitness standards and long-term career planning.
Admin Roles & Responsibilities:
*. Appoint and manage a high performance coaching team, including age-grade and senior team coaching staff.
*. Work with the senior management team to appoint and manage logistics and administration teams to support national team activities...
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