Asst. Pressroom Manager - BH Media Lynchburg, VA, US

Job Details:
The position is responsible for managing and directing a staff of up to 13 fulltime employees in our Pressroom. This position is also responsible for promoting and championing safety as a condition of employment while ensuring that all safety policies are followed and all OSHA guidelines are met. The successful candidate must be able to bridge communication between the production staff and other stakeholders. This position is responsible for commercial printing goals, proper scheduling of all product production and high quality of each product. This position also requires that the manager have a working knowledge of the equipment and it’s abilities in connection with time, quality, and profit.
Required Skills
This positions require a high school education or equivalent with a minimum of 5 years of newspaper management experience, preferably in production or operations. Experience in web offset printing is required. Mechanical ability and familiarity with computers is preferred. Candidates should have the ability to adapt to change, prioritize work. Excellent organizational and analytical skills; experience and skill in financial planning, budgeting and cost controls.
Job Location
Lynchburg, Virginia, United States
Position Type
BH Media Group, Inc. (formerly World Media Enterprises/Midlands Newspapers)..
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