Social Media Area Manager | The Coca-Cola Company - Athens

Job Details:
You will be part of the leadership team for the dynamic Consumer Interaction Centre (CIC) team – a team of social media experts who engage, on behalf of our client, with consumers and online communities through relevant conversations, content & experiences. The CIC team thrives in conceiving ideas, building connection plans and executing initiatives across a range of social media platforms and across a number of iconic brands. Our vision is to continuously bring innovation and deliver social media excellence in all of the 10 markets we currently cover in Central & Southern Europe.
You will be an influential, organised professional with strong managerial abilities along with strategic planning, excellent communication skills and a Communications or Social Media background as well as a relevant degree.
As the Social Media Area Manager, you will work closely with the members of the central CIC team providing leadership and direction whilst ensuring working relationships exist between all stakeholders.
The role will include regular travel accounting for 30-40% of the role.
You must be passionate about and have strong expertise in social media, driven and have the ability to lead and collaborate to deploy consistent and effective social content within the region.
• Masters or Bachelor's degree in marketing, media studies, social science or other relevant field OR 6+ years of equivalent by experience
• Project management experience with complex interactive plans that include strategic and creative development with multiple stakeholders
• Solid experience in integrated/ 360 communications plans
• Experience managing outsourced partners or other external agencies or experience working for a marketing/social agency
• Previous experience with SEO/ SEM, influencer marketing, media buying is encouraged
• Social media addict/native – fluent in all channels
• Comfortable and articulate with senior clients
• Understands strategic role of social; has a great passion in staying up with trends and innovation
• Great at presentations
• Team player, with a strong passion on sharing knowledge
• Lead the development of Social Media strategy & multi-market plans and support the definition of the annual social media strategy covering both content + media amplification
• Collaborate with central teams to develop innovative, on strategy social media plans for central toolkits; ensure social media is seen as part of holistic, integrated Connections plan that spans across touchpoints: owned, earned, shared, paid
• Collaborate with local teams to ensure smooth integration of CIC in local ops, greater adoption of social into plans, and measurement framework to link with local objectives
• Build strategic partnerships with platforms and agencies to meet CIC objectives
• Define clear measurement framework for tracking and assessing the impact of work and projects
• Oversee the development of complex, compelling and engaging Social media content and facilitates the smooth and timely dissemination of the material developed
• Work closely with local managers to ensure social media strategy is correctly implemented and local issues/concerns are considered to facilitate cross department buy-in..
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