Senior Executive Admin Assistant | The Coca-Cola Company- Singapore

Job Details:
This position provides administrative and secretarial support to the Asia Pacific Group President and staff. Candidates must have considerable experience working directly with Senior Executives. We’re looking for 1) a Coca-Cola Brand Ambassador who is passionate for the system, our brands, business and people; 2) a team player who is highly engaged in work and invests time, passion and best effort to accomplish goals.
Office Management
*. Lead day-to- day management of the Group President’s office, often in his or her absence. Set-up and manage routines and processes to support operating effectiveness and efficiency.
*. Represent the Company, Group President and other principles on the phone, in email and in person. Project a positive and helpful attitude in answering questions and providing assistance.
*. Coordinate communicati ons and positive relations with key stakeholders internal and external stakeholders including corporate, Group staff, business unit staff, bottlers, key customers, NGOs, government officials.
*. Screen phone calls and redirect as needed.
*. Publish notes of key discussions and major meetings, as needed, to ensure consistent messaging and follow-up.
*. Consolidate monthly operating review documents and other ad hoc reports/pres entations, as needed.
Travel Management:
*. Arrange all travel logistics including ticketing, visa requirement s, hotel accommodat ion, ground transport and transfers.
*. Ensure trip agenda is complete and includes all internal and external meetings.
*. Liaise with local hosts on agenda, room reservations and facilities, as needed.
*. Prepare a travel pack prior to each trip including agendas, travel detail, etc.
*. Assist others traveling to Singapore.
Expense Reporting
*. Complete timely and accurate submission of expense reports.
*. Maintain record of expense report submissions and keep this on file to reconcile against expenses paid.
*. Review charges on credit card for business travel against bank statements; ensure that all expense reports are processed and paid on time.
*. Follow up on outstanding balances on credit card and other expense reports.
Calendar Management & Review
*. Regularly review the calendar with principle on agreed schedule.
*. Ensure that all appointment s in the calendar are current and relevant.
*. When necessary, assist in prioritization of conflicting appointment s.
*. Please assist with managing appointment s when principle is travelling and did not have time to reschedule meetings in my calendar.
*. Communicat e any appointment s up-front that you may have arranged on my behalf.
Meeting Management
*. Organize meetings, videoconfere nces, and teleconferen ces as requested: schedule with participants; schedule meeting rooms; materials; and catering as needed.
*. Respond appropriatel y to requests for meetings, videoconfere nces and teleconferen ces.
*. Work with meeting participants on date and time for meeting, agenda, and logistics.
*. Ensure pre-read/me eting material is prepared and distributed in advance.
*. Understand technology requirement s and ensure technology is available and working for the meeting.
*. Organize catering and any special requirement s for the meeting, if required..
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