Senior Business Development Manager | Microsoft - Lagos, Nigeria

Job Details:
The Microsoft Applications and Services Group Business Development (ASG BD) team at Microsoft is responsible for identifying and executing strategic business development opportunities for Microsoft’s applications and services businesses. We propose, structure, and execute strategic partnerships, joint ventures, investments, and acquisitions. The ASG BD Affordable Access Initiatives team is working with internal and external partners to develop innovative new products and business models that will help billions more people – often in emerging markets – affordably get online and access online applications and services.
We are looking for a Business Development Manager based in the Middle East Africa (MEA) region to drive strategic business development activities around Affordable Access. This role will be responsible for the following key areas:
* Strategy Development: Collaborate with stakeholders across the company (engineering, marketing, finance, legal) on development of business and product strategies, translate business and product strategies into a partner strategies, and identify partnerships that can grow our business including how we can accelerate our product roadmap.
* Transaction Execution: Identify, evaluate, and prioritize specific inorganic opportunities in support of the broader partner strategy including developing the business case for a partnership (strategic rationales and economics), creatively structuring deal terms, and developing a negotiation strategy and leading negotiations. Communicate with all stakeholders at all stages of the deal process to secure buy-in and approvals. Drive deals to closure while maintaining a willingness to walk away from deals which do not meet business objectives or introduce an unacceptable risk.
* Deal Execution: Monitor deal performance and track efficacy relative to expectations post-close. Maintain ongoing relationship with partners to ensure compliance and commitments are fulfilled.
* External Partnerships: Maintain a network of relationships across the industry with partners, potential partners, competitors, investors, thought leaders, etc. Leverage relationships in opportunity identification and transaction execution. Plan and facilitate deep conversations with our partners to understand mutual opportunities, their requirements, pain points and ways to address these with relevant product offerings
* Industry Expertise: Be an expert in industry trends including competitive and market dynamics, product and technology trends, and start-ups.
Successful candidates will demonstrate these skills and qualifications:
* Business strategy and market development expertise with deep analytical and business modeling skills.
* Passion for product, technology, and creating great customer experiences...
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