Marketing Coordinator | Monsanto Company Ukraine

Job Details:
Main Purpose of the Job:
Role is responsible for organizing and running the internal and external company events and support sales team with promotional items and materials, dealing with documentation flow across different teams.
Key Responsibilities:
*.Organizing and running the internal and external company events:
*.Contribute to the planning process of network
*.Assuring POS (point of sale) materials development and presence at POS.
*.Communicate with vendors (POS, advertising materials producers, designers)
*.Response for agreed media plan implementation
*.Maintain regular contacts with journals and newspapers, process requests (photos, texts)
*.Implement our communication strategy with distribution. Maintain relationship with distributors and key customers (provide marketing and advertising materials, solutions, etc.
*.Perform day-to-day detailed execution of development, implementation and communication of our advertisement.
*.Participate in design and production of media campaigns and assisting with such responsibilities as production coordination, background design and progress tracking.
*.Plans and implements ongoing mass marketing campaigns with conformity to marketing plans, goals and objectives.
*.When applicable copywriting on marketing and company news and releases (both Russian and English)
*.Selects and writes material, plans layouts and coordinates printing and artwork for company publications and give-always like calendars, posters.
Required skills/experience:
*.Bachelor's degree required with preference for Marketing or Economy
*.Experience of 3+-year in the Marketing is required. Project manager experience required. Experience related to agriculture gives preference to the candidates.
*.Ability to work in a challenging business environment and in a matrix organization
*.Ability to work independently
*.Good communication and networking skills
*.Advanced user of Ms Excel and PowerPoint is required
*.Upper-Intermediate English level..
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