Immunization Services Officer, Nigeria | WHO (World Health Organization) - Abuja

Job Details:
Description of duties:
1. Management Capacity
Strategic direction - national immunization policies and work plan
- Promotes establishment of decision-making bodies at national level to facilitate consensus among national players and their external counterparts.
- Represents the WHO team in EPI technical working groups to provide WHO strategic and policy guidance.
- Supports the development and implementation of strategies and activities within the cMYP and annual EPI plan for strengthening service delivery and surveillance of vaccine preventable diseases.
Project/Programme management
- Supports the WHO Representative and EPI Team Leader in overall programme coordination and resource management in the routine immunization programme, monitors programme indicators and analyses programmatic and surveillance data for use in programme management.
- Works closely with the national government to support their implementation and evaluation of immunization projects and to ensure a comprehensive approach to health interventions.
2. Technical Capacity
Developing evidence-based policy recommendations and guidance:
- Conducts analytical studies and implementation research as needed and collaboratively develops guidelines and recommends solutions to programme concerns.
- Encourages the national immunization programme to include regional and global immunization policies and strategies in the Country Cooperation Strategy, through nationally relevant evidence and discussions with the National Regulatory Authority (NRA) and the National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NITAG)
- Solicits feedback from national technical experts on global and regional policies to strengthen recommendations made at global and regional level and ensure feasibility of implementation at national level.
Monitoring and using data for analytics:
- Monitors and evaluates national immunization policies and programmes, supporting the national immunization programme to collect, collate, analyse and use high quality data for action.
- Supports the country to investigate opportunities for internal and external information sharing and strengthen the capacity of national authorities to build and sustain national health observatories ensuring immunization data is integrated within.
- Facilitates innovation by promoting new ideas and technologies (including ICT) to make data collection, analysis and use more effective and efficient.
Support to strengthening routine immunization system:
- Provides technical support to improve routine immunization coverage and strengthen routine immunization systems, by designing appropriate regular routine vaccination services though fixed, outreach and mobile sites, and including period intensification of routine immunization, child health days and integrated child health intervention.
- Supports the management skills development of the national immunization programme team through capacity building and training.
- Assists with the development of strategic comprehensive multi-year plans (cMYPs), as well as annual operational work plans, and supports the on-going monitoring of these plans.
- Supports the national government to develop Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) applications to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (Gavi)...
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