Export Sales Coordinator/Executive | The Kraft Heinz Company- Singapore

Job Details:
The hire is responsible for managing sales accounts, distributors and wholesalers to achieve Sales and Profit of the Ketchup, Sauces & Condiments and Convenience Meals business by performing the following duties.
*. Key Performance Indicators: Delivery of annual budgeted:
*. Top-line Sales
*. Innovation Pipeline
*. Profitability / Contributio n Margin
*. Build the “Heinz” brand name to give consumers compelling reasons to choose our brand over competing brands
*. Develop a guideline to support both Marketing and Sales objectives
*. Ability to build and maintain effective relationships with internal and external sales, marketing and technical teams
*. Design strategy for Ketchup, Sauces & Condiments and Convenience Meals business to achieve Sales and Marketing Plan
*. Ensure all business practices comply with policies and regulations of the government and Heinz ethics
*. Monitor and/or assess industry's regulatory changes as well as competitive activities and their impact to Heinz
Knowledge, Professional Experience and Preferred Requirements
*. Bachelor’s degree or above in Business/ Marketing/ Food Science or a related major
*. Minimum 3 years proven experience in Sales/ Marketing/ Business Development (FMCG/FMCG Distributor) as a Asst. Product Manager / Product Manager
*. Dynamic, good interpersona l and people management skills as well as excellent business presentation skills
*. Uncompromi sing integrity
*. Comfortable working across various timezones
*. Good working knowledge of Microsoft excel ( data extration, pivot tables, etc)..
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