Software Developer- Global Back Office- Cape Town, South Africa

Job Details:
Global Back office is currently looking for Developers to join our small but growing team.
*. A recognized and relevant Bcom/Bsc /BEng university degree, preferably in Comp Sci and/or Information Systems.
*. Some exposure to basic financial principles through study or work experience, and ideally have an interest in capital markets and the asset management /investment industry.
*. Good communicati on skills with very good English, our primary consumers are English, so this is critical.
*. Knowledge of the SDLC.
*. The ability to think outside the box, and be able to present these ideas in a lucid and understanda ble form to less technical colleagues.
Proficient in the following languages:
*. JavaScript & JSON
*. jQuery & jQuery UI
*. MS .Net 2 & 4 (C#, ASP.Net)
*. TSQL (SQL Server 2014)
*. XML Applications
*. GIT (or similar source control)
*. IIS7 +
Integrated Development Environment used:
*. Visual Studio
*. MS SQL Server 2014..
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