Senior Public Relations Officer | Adidas Dubai, UAE

Job Details:
Purpose & Overall Relevance for the Organization:
To coordinate and manage all processes related to labour and immigration formalities, applications/renewals for all full time, temporary and part time employees within adidas Emerging Markets LLC ensuring all legal systems and records are updated in a timely manner without fines and penalties and ensuring that the Company is abiding with local laws and regulations.
Key Responsibilities:
*. To process, distribute and manage the visa applications, visa renewals, medical reports, passport expiries and transfer processes of all visa and immigration applications.
*.Process all applications in the system for labour contracts via Ministry of Labour for new and existing Employees ensuring all records for the company on the Labour system are up to date and within the quota.
*.Distribute daily activities amongst all PRO’s and track daily progress of applications to ensure completion.
*.Collect and provide periodical updates from the government authorities on all Labour and immigration rules to keep the HR department abreast of the changes in the rules and procedures.
*.Maintain the HR employee records by tracking employee labour contracts, visa and passport expiries and communicate the same to the employee to prepare timely renewals.
*.Process all applications for various tourist/service visas for guests/clients.
*.Maintain all labour contracts, Emirates ID, passport with visa copies and photos on the HR network and employee files.
*.Provide general PRO support to departments for any activity involving the local authorities, including responsibilities for business licenses, permissions etc.
*.Process police permissions, NOC and other government required documents.
*.Arrange attestation requisites from Government offices.
*.Deal with general enquires regarding PRO functions promptly and efficiently enhance the level of department service.
*.Be the point of contact internally for employees for all visa and labour related formalities.
*.Utilize available resources in an efficient and effective manner to decrease process time and fees.
*.Provide administration support to the HR department as needed.
*.Maintain confidentiality and security of company and employee documents at all times.
Key Relationships:
*. Local (Internal): HR, Facilities & Services, Retail Back Office, Retail Stores, Finance & Marketing, All Employees
*.Local (External): Government Authorities, Tourism Agencies.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
*. UAE Local laws, regulations and procedures.
*.MS office: Excel and MS outlook is a must.
*.Experience in using government online application systems.
*.Strong organizational and time management skills.
*.Customer oriented, approachable and strong interpersonal skills.
*.Strong written and verbal communication skills in both English and Arabic.
Requisite Education and Experience / Minimum Qualifications:
*. Diploma or equivalent.
*.5 years of overall work experience in dealing with the local authorities and public sector.
*.Own car and driving license...
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