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Job Details:
As the Managing Director for Cash Services UAE you will give strategic guidance and direction to the management team to ensure that financial and operational targets and objectives are achieved. Key focus will be to develop business and growth strategies for the Business unit and oversee their implementation to achieve the overall business financial objectives.
Role Responsibility:
*.To define the commercial strategy, and implement a process that will achieve customer service excellence and annual financial targets
*.Deliver the optimum operational solution for all current and future components of the Cash Services Business in UAE
*.Review and implement the best structure and team to deliver the most consistent and cost effective solutions
*.Ensure all financial targets are met
*.Maintain Customer Satisfaction as per set operational targets
*.Ensure all operational departments operate within agreed budgets
*.Implement systems for reviewing all operating costs to ensure they are in line with forecasted revenue
*.Conduct Management Team Appraisals and ensure appropriate measurements are in place throughout the operational structure
*.Devise and implement the most impactful structure for the delivery of operational excellence
*.Manage and inspire business centre managers and product managers to deliver service excellence
*.Deploy a continuous improvement methodology in the operational business to deliver measurable results
*.Ensure the accuracy and quality of Service Delivery satisfies the business and clients expectations
*.Manage Business Process Improvement communications throughout the organization, internally and externally
*.Co-ordinate, manage and monitor the workings of all operations department and implement a best practice principle, accurately forecasting and managing flow
*.Ensure all SOPs are adhered to and are updated with innovative and cost effective changes where appropriate
*.Plan the most effective use of human resources – establish structures, delegate tasks and accountabilities, establish appropriate schedules
*.Create an effective management team and hold successful meetings to align priorities and streamline processes whilst managing the relevant workflows
*.Production - Coordinate and monitor the work of various departments involved in production, storage, pricing and distribution of goods. Monitor performance and implement improvements. Manage the quality and quantity of employee productivity. Manage the maintenance of equipment and machinery. Provide technical support where necessary
*.Provide process improvement support to process owners and deliver significant improvements to processes/procedures.
*.Develop Business Improvement standards to ensure consistent approach to Business Improvement between and among teams.
*.Coordinate efforts to identify and evaluate opportunities for improvement that transcend site boundaries, integrate Business Improvement into the annual budgeting process.
*.Create a baseline for procedures i.e. benchmarking and use this to measure capability against the industry.
*.Implement effective internal audit programs and participate in internal audit.
*.Manage the Customer Support Plan and provide operational & commercial support to the sales function
*.Strategic Input – Executive liaison within G4S UAE business. Assist in the development of strategic goals and operational improvement plans.
*.Deliver automation and technical improvements to the current processes.
*.Create a baseline for procedures i.e. benchmarking and use this to measure capability against the industry...
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