Lead Engineer- Honeywell Group- Lagos, Nigeria

Job Details:
*. To manage a project engineering team that implements customised complex and/or standard engineering solutions, usually representing significant portions, (work packages) of a large project, to successful completion and within budgeted time and cost constraints.
*.To support the implementation of projects in line with C&ES objectives including continuous improvement of margin, customer satisfaction, schedule, working capital and safety performance. Bachelor degree/Diploma in engineering or equivalent experience.
Job Requirements
*.A minimum of 7 years of practical experience in the process control or process industries is required.
*.Experience in the Refining, Chemical, Pulp and Paper or Life Sciences industries preferred.
*.Proficient in personal computer desktop applications including word processors, spreadsheets, presentation packages, databases, electronic mail, web browsers, and other specialized applications, as required
*.Excellent communication skills
*.Knowledge of Microsoft platforms
*.Knowledge of Windows 2000 server, Windows 2003 server, Windows XP server and Windows XP client.
*.Knowledge of networking is a plus...
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