Head Network Sourcing & Head Infra Procurement | airtel Gurgaon, India

Job Details:
Purpose Of the Job:
To procure Network products for Bharti Airtel Ltd. and to implement the world’s best procurement practices (including Competitive bench marking & target pricing)
To issue RFPs, Bidding, Negotiations, Contracting and SCM Governance.
To drive the Capex & Opex cost reduction to meet or beat the AOP / Budgets.
*. Implementing objective and transparent bidding process, establishing technical and commercial parity amongst bidders, and involvement of technical, In business supply chain, finance and operations team(s)
*.Business case and feasibility conducted for all the deals > USD 1 Million, and signing of NFA along with technical, operations and finance teams;Also driving price negotiations team within SCM function for large multi Million dollar contracts.
*.Market intelligence and knowledge about public bids/ open market prices for various products and technologies
*.Providing honest and candid feedback to suppliers/ partners at all the times of conduct of business; and also addressing the supplier’s feedback/ issues through concerned Bharti Airtel stakeholders
*.To maintain and track all legacy issues and new business requirements that may come up from time to time.
*.Seeking feedback/ technical rating from Airtel’s CTO organization, Establishing commercial parity amongst suppliers, preparation of cost comparison sheets. Circulation of NFA for internal stakeholders approval, Issue of LOI, Contract signing and Facilitating the preparation of contract exhibits like SOW, SLA, AMC etc.
*.Seeking supplier rating inputs from internal stakeholders and systems/ processes team, and objectively sharing the same with suppliers. Conducting supplier improvement meetings, signing MoM and monitoring the implementation thereof
*.Clubbing the RFQs/ RFPs where ever possible and also the negotiations for a given period of time; This is done through pro-active requirements analysis from various business units and synergising the same while supplier negotiation process
Education Qualification:
B.tech /MBA..
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