General Sales Manager | Mercedes-Benz Canada

Job Details:
The General Sales Manager is responsible for managing, growing and maintaining the effective and profitable operations of the sales department. You are also responsible for sustaining the operational efficiency of the department and its day-to-day operations, and executing long-term strategic planning to ensure growth and CSI goals.
Ensure customer satisfaction by building ongoing relationships with customer base, resolving customer issues related to the dealership and/or product. Make management customer callbacks to ensure the highest possible closing ratio for the store
Develop annual business plan for the dealership including planning and forecasting sales, constantly monitoring the dealership’s performance in relation to the plan, and revising the plan when appropriate, as well as finding areas that may offer opportunity for increases in efficiency, sales, profit, cost reduction and customer satisfaction. Know and understand the variables that will affect the business plan including: supply, demand, profit, competition, promotion, pricing, manufacturing issues, insurance rates, and finance rates
Help to complete sales transactions - balancing the needs of customers, Sales Consultants and the dealership. Ensure that all purchase agreements, bills of sale, finance contracts, lease agreements, applications for registration and all other documents necessary for the sale and lease of vehicles are completed accurately and in full compliance with Mercedes-Benz policies and local laws.
Protect and preserve the integrity of the company through the processes and guidelines in the Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. National Sales Process Playbook...
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