Draftsman | Cairo American College- Egypt

Job Details:
The Draftsman is expected to assist the PMO in Field Data Collection and Communication with
the Egyptian Government Departments, during the Execution phase of the CAC Phase III HS
Renovation Project.
The primary objective of this job is to ensure the accuracy of the As-Built Drawings as well as compliance of the As-Built Drawings with respect to the Construction Drawings. Working under the direct supervision of the Project Manager, and in collaboration with the Design Consultants, the Draftsman will review all drawings and build the As-Built Drawings Package. The Draftsman will also manage and improve upon the Collection of Drawings for the entire CAC Campus. This includes but is not limited to: assisting contractor(s) in interpreting Construction Drawings and supervising the As-Built Drawings process. He/she will develop or update other campus drawings accordingly and manage the PMO Archives. The Draftsman will be the CAC representative before Government Authorities for all administrative procedures on the project. The Draftsman will report inconsistencies and collaborate with the PMO to propose solutions in redressing such inconsistencies. The Draftsman will also carry out other PMO administrative activities as assigned; procurement, preparing for meetings, documentation, communication etc.
*.Education: At least an Undergraduate Diploma in Computer Aided Drafting, Architecture or other similar training.
*.Experience: At least 2 years of progressive working experience in similar functions.
*.Desired Experience: Experience in working in construction projects, PMP Training, First Aid Administration, Law.
*.Good Working Knowledge speaking/reading/writing English and Arabic are required.
*.A strong administrative background and zeal to care for others; the ability to develop alternative solutions and bringing them to realization is an added advantage.
*.Must possess excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills and must be able to operate with little to no supervision in dynamic and possibly hazardous environments.
*.Good working knowledge of AutoCAD and basic Microsoft Office packages (Word, Excel) as well as online communication.
*.A high-level working knowledge of Egyptian culture, geography, ethnic groups, socio-economic issues, and government bureaucracy.
*.Should also be aware of Egyptian law enforcement practices.
*.He/She must have detailed knowledge of the Environmental Norms and Standards enforced in Egypt.
Apart from supervising the As-Built Drawing process, the Draftsman will have no other
supervisory responsibility; however, if needed the Project Manager may assign a limited and
temporary supervisory authority...
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