Director NGL Marketing- Range Resources, Dallas/Fort Wortht US

Job Details:
Position Summary:
This position is responsible for leading the direction of the overall NGL marketing strategy and long term plans for the Companies production. Accurately evaluates opportunities for growth through expanding infrastructure, lowering cost structure and exploring new markets. This position will leverage relationships with strategic consumers to create value for the Company and the customer. This position will present concise analysis on complex deals and pipeline transportation to the gas marketing team for evaluation. Successful team members will be able to work with limited supervision and communicate effectively both to internal and external stakeholders at all levels of the organization. Ensure that career development plans are formulated and in place for staff. This position requires regular travel and frequently will require attendance to business functions outside of normal business hours.
• Identify and evaluate opportunities for enhancement of existing assets, as well as, advancement of new markets, new relationships and new revenue streams or cost savings.
• Lead the preparation, execution, and communication of various business development analyses to influence decision-making of senior management.
• Regularly monitor business critical economic news and market trends that could affect the Company's short and long-term strategies.
• Generate new business opportunities by leveraging relationships with direct markets and strategic companies in the respective area of concentration.
• Develop negotiation strategies and lead the negotiation of natural gas contracts with customers while striving to consistently sell our production above the market bids.
• Work with the Gas Marketing team to insure that the pipeline capacity is utilized in the most effective manner.
• Gather market information from customers, pipelines and industry sponsored events to provide insight on key strategic issues and completion and relay to the appropriate level of management.
• Lead in the development of new market strategies for the Gas Marketing team.
• Authorized to enter into sales transactions on behalf of Range for a term of one year or less.
• May oversee the day to day activities of Gas Marketing personnel. Responsible for staff development and mentoring of employees. Performs key supervisory responsibilities such as goal setting, planning, training, and performance evaluation. Exercises authority concerning staffing, performance appraisals, promotions, salary recommendations, and terminations. Provide leadership, support, and advice to less experienced staff in order to successfully complete projects and encourage employee development.
• Other duties and special projects as assigned by manager.
Being courteous, cooperative, and helpful are conditions of employment with Range. Additionally, each item listed below is an essential function of this position.
• Regular and timely attendance
• Deal professionally and respectfully with coworkers, management and others
• Read, comprehend and follow applicable policies, procedures and directions
• Work with others as part of a team to ensure efficient operations and enhanced productivity
• Safeguard confidential information and disclose only to those in "need-to-know" positions
• Safeguard and enhance Range's assets and business interests
• Consistently perform all job duties at an acceptable level
Minimum Education:Bachelors in Energy Management, Finance, Business, and MBA preferred..
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