Digital Product Manager | Esporte Interativo - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Job Details:
The purpose of creating the Digital Product Manager position is to consolidate ownership of the digital products in Brazil. This movement will be instrumental for the development and implementation of consumer centric initiatives for both the content clusters as well as the business units. This position will encompasses product strategy, development, and commercialization.
Turner Brasil needs to be prepared to develop and implement consumer centric initiatives. The Digital Product Manager will perform the important role of converting digital expertise (part of it today sitting in Argentina, within the digital media team and other part at EI digital team) into products and services which add value to the networks’ programming, marketing, and ad sales initiatives, as well as generate incremental revenue through web, mobile, and digital television distribution channels.
The primary function of this position will be to create and implement strategies for the development, management and commercialization of digital products. The Digital Product Manager will be based in Brazil and will collaborate with the digital media, programming, marketing, and advertising sales teams to produce high quality digital content which can be used to create multi-platform programming initiatives, complement network marketing efforts, strengthen ad sales offerings, and grow non-advertising digital revenue through a variety of mobile, web, and digital TV distribution partnerships.
. Develop and manage digital content roadmaps and production processes to ensure availability of content for network programming and marketing events as well as for sale through digital distribution channels;
. Develop relationship with social media and main digital players in Brazil with the objective to drive new ideas, develop new projects, incorporate best practices;
. Analyze product performance and collaborate with the Digital Media Teams and Business Development to achieve shared objectives;
. Become the facilitator between EI and Turner with the objective to fuel the exchange of best practices on digital;
. Manage third party content development and distribution partnerships.
Desired Skills and Experience
*. Experience in web and/or mobile product development /manageme nt;
*. Experience working in and or directly related to the Latin America pay television and/or music industry;
*. Firm understandi ng of digital content development , distribution, and merchandisi ng including relevant technology, industry parameters, and business processes;
*. Proven ability to manage multiple cross functional projects, apply analytical techniques to evaluate performance , and effectively communicat e results;
*. Tri-lingual Spanish / English / Portuguese;
*. Experience managing 3rd party digital content development and distribution partnerships ;
*. Experience working for a leading web portal or mobile carrier;
*. Excellent computer and technology skills...
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