Corporate Sales Manager | Airtel Nigeria

Job Details:
Increased regional drive for new Corporate Business Opportunities
*. Supervises the KAMs to ensure proper sales pipeline activity. Ensures active nurturing of deals and movement of opportunities to close.
*.Ensures timely submission of updated Pipeline on a weekly basis.
*.Maintains an Account Development Plan (ADP) for all accounts under the regional portfolio and ensures timely submission of same to HQ on a monthly basis.
*.Submits to HQ, MNP tracker updates on a monthly basis.
*.Directly supervises the day to day activities of the KAMs.
Performance management
*. Provide strategic support to enhance the delivery on regional corporate sales targets.
*.Develop procedures for setting and communicating corporate sales targets and monitoring performance.
*.Deploy relevant metrics to routinely monitor progress against targets and recommend appropriate remedial actions to ensure targets are met or exceeded.
*.Effectively manage corporate salesmen incentive target to ensure drive for greater performance.
*.Provide sales performance data to support management decision making
*.Ensures that all delays in enterprise solutions deployment which are Customer dependent be duly communicated by the KAMs to the customer concerned.
*.Ensures that all JCCs are signed by client and submitted to HQ.
*.Ensure that all receivables and bills are up to date in terms of collections.
*.To ensure the timely execution of all enterprise contracts especially from the customer end (i.e. Sign off).
Assured Sustainable Revenue Growth in the region
*. Proactively protects Airtel’s position and claims Airtel market leadership positions in strategic solution areas.
*.Meets or exceeds Month-on-Month, Quarterly and Annual revenue & margin quotas.
*.Constantly keeps a record of the top Ten revenue generating accounts in the region and formulate plans to increase revenue of same.
*.Ensures that KAMs carry out the targeted number of open days for the month.
Relevant Experience
*. 5-7 years of work experience with ~ 3years of relevant experience in Telecom Industry.
*.Of these years 2-3 years should be in telecom Corporate and Enterprise solution products/ services sales/ marketing.
*.A minimum of 2 years in Management role.
*.Extensive knowledge of telecom enterprise business data products and applicable markets
Vacancy closes 13th May 2016
Desired Skills and Experience
Sales Negotiation Business Development Sales Management Customer Retention Key Account Management Account Management..
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