Accounts Manager | IFA Hotels & Resorts United Arab Emirates

Job Details:
Job Purpose
To manage all financial activities such as financial reporting, auditing, forensic accountancy and corporate finance by providing professional advice, aiming to maximize profitability on behalf of the company.
Key Roles and Responsibilities
Finance Policies & Procedures
* Formulate and ensure implementation of accounting policies and procedures in order to achieve the Finance Department objectives .
* Prepare detailed financial plan in order to develop the effective financial systems and practices.
Financial Statements
* Implement quarterly and yearly financial statements with consolidated statements in a timely and accurate manner.
* Review subsidiaries financial statements and related notes.
* Prepare, revise and translate yearly budget into financial plans and projections to ensure that the company achieves its financial targets.
Accounting Transactions
* Supervise daily accounting transactions to ensure the accuracy and completeness of accounting records.
* Monitor accounting balances in the system in order to assure that all transactions made are reflected in accurate manner.
* Ensure and interpret cash flows and take corrective action when necessary.
* Organize the timely and accurate weekly and monthly accounting for all business units.
Accounting System
* Ensure that all transactions are posted to the system accurately & on time.
* Approve and coordinate changes in the automated financial system and management information system in order to ensure efficient financial reporting structure.
Finance Relations
* Liaise effectively with all departments and business units on financial accounting and reporting deliverables, issues and process improvements.
* Maintain the business initiatives of the Business Units by providing financial insight, analysis and perspective; provide financial guidance and assistance to the business units.
Finance Documents
* Organize journal vouchers, payment vouchers, transfer memos, and receipt vouchers to guarantee that all vouchers are supported with relevant supporting documents.
A uditing
* Liaise with internal and external auditors and dealing with any financial irregularities as they arise to ensure all statutory deadlines are met.
* Coordinate with external auditors, preparation of audit schedules and explaining supporting documents and procedures.
People Management
* Monitor performance and training needs of subordinates in order to maximise their performance in achieving functional objectives.
* Analyze and present reports on budget activity, including identification of potential problems and recommendations for corrective action, forecasts trends and make recommendations.
* Ensure that financial information is processed in accordance with stated trust procedures and processes in order to provide management report information.
* Ensure that all financial reporting obligations are met in relation to submissions for funding, for grant aid, for contracts and any other initiatives.
* Generate reports or financial information as needed by other departments or team members, such as project analysts.
Educational Qualification
Bachelor Degree in or Accounting, Finance or related field.
Work Experience
7 – 10 years of experience with big 4 Audit Firm..
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