Team Manager, Trade Operations | Standard Chartered Bank - Hong Kong

Job Details:
To work with Senior Manager to manage and control over day-to-day operations to ensure that the Bank's policies, operational guidelines are adhered to by team members and Shared Service Centre, consistent delivery of quality services to customers, and optimal utilization of available resources.
Key Roles and Responsibilities
1. Monitor workflows to ensure all transactions are promptly processed as reflected by the agreed turnaround times for customers and also to ensure that the nature, complexity and value of transactions are processed by team members who possess the compatible expertise.
2. Train up team members to maximum the productivities of resources available and to ensure that they have the required level of expertise to answer the customer's queries and apply the operational standard required by the bank.
3. Monitor morale and constantly motivate clerical staff to ensure that optimum level of productivity and service standards are achieved.
4. Maintain control over day-to-day operations to ensure that the bank's policies, operational guidelines are duly adhered to by team members and other services providers.
5. Full support to establishment and maintenance of the quality management system in Trade Services.
6. To act as a sponsor for the team for all changes facing Trade Services group to ensure that such changes are implemented successfully.
7. Comply with applicable Anti-Money Laundering/Sanctions Procedures and, in particular, report any suspicious activities to the Unit Operational Risk Manager and Line Manager.
Qualifications and Skills
1. Full Knowledge and experience on all trade finance related products
2. Rich Trade processing experience in supervisory position
3. Sound Trade Products Knowledge, general banking knowledge and knowledge of the CSC Country specifics.
4. Expertise Knowledge in UCP and trade documentation.
5. All round leadership skills and supervisory skills.
6. Basic credit knowledge and sound communication skills.
7. Sound Judgement required to protect both the customer's and Bank's interest...
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