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Job Details:
The Sales Associate provides support to the Latin America Regional Sales Team and the Regional Sales Center by servicing leads through the effective execution of the enquiry handling process, steps to conversion, and the preparation of proposals, quotations, and by cross checking product information between hotels for all brands within the IHG. The main focus of this role is to enhance lead conversion thereby driving greater revenue to IHG branded hotels; project coordination, trade show/agency coordination, liaison with internal departments, facilitating booking arrangements, generating and tracking bookings, compilation of internal and external sales reports, and serving as a liaison with clients and hotels.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
●Lead Fulfillment Execution and Conversion
oWork with Key Account Managers to track and monitor Tour & Leisure segment bookings through the Sales System
oFulfills and where possible exceeds customer expectations in the conversion of their enquiries in to an IHG branded hotel with a focus on generating the best levels of revenue
oWhere first choice property may not be available, cross sell the customer to another IHG branded property
oEnsures accurate and timely capture of pertinent data in to the required sales systems
oDevelops and delivers the relevant and appropriate documentation to the customer and hotel
oEnsures the timely follow up and pursuit of business with customers and stakeholders in order to drive the highest levels of conversion
oEnsures accurate and timely communication of the status and pertinent information of potential bookings to KAD/KAM and recipient hotel
●Designated support to Key Account Managers (KAMs) and their Accounts
oServe as primary point person for IHG to designated Accounts
oGuide individual IHG hotels in negotiation of rates for Accounts, in order to assist hotels in maximizing revenues while meeting Account needs
oHandle to conclusion the RFP (Request for Purchase) process for Accounts and successfully execute booking needs of assigned Key Accounts.
oCoordinate market segment sales projects as required or requested. Coordinate needs of market segment client promotional activities and project needs. Interface and coordinate project efforts with other Company Departments.
●Provide designated administrative support to Key Account Managers
oCoordinate reports and market share/clients data as needed.
●Other duties and responsibilities as required
Required Skills –
•Native proficiency in Spanish and Portuguese language
• Experience and knowledge of sales principles and techniques including but not limited to SAM
• Clear, concise and succinct communication skills, including adapting both verbal and written communication to the needs and level of user.
• Time management skills, attention to detail and ability to manage multiple tasks/clients required.
• Ability to build and manage relationships with Key Accounts. Ability to interact on a professional level with management and clients.
• Ability to maintain a consistent, high quality customer-focused orientation, including providing clear, accurate information; explaining procedures or materials or providing supplemental information; anticipating problems or questions.
• Excellent PC Skills (including Word; Excel; Outlook)
• Knowledge and experience of Sales Systems (i.e. Delphi;, i-RFP, Holidex, etc.)
Qualifications –
• Associate degree or Bachelor’s degree or technical institute degree/certificate or an equivalent combination of education and work-related experience..
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