Consultant - Power Applications (TH) - SYS | Schneider Electric #Bangkok, Thailand

Job Details:
Develops engineering designs, specifications, control strategies, specialized device selections and application QA testing.
Interfaces directly with customer and coordinates direction of project requirements for projects and maintaining customer satisfaction.
Provides field support and service, internal and customer training, startup and commissioning of solution implemented and related to the project
Provide consulting services, FEED, site audits/studies and advice to customers.
Provide internal marketing and sales support to Sales Account Managers, Proposals and other consultants.
· Perform engineering project control solution based on the project specification and produce Functional Design Specification, Front End Engineering Designs, BTG-BOP-CC control strategies and applications.
· Perform typical logic design and define philosophy. Responsible for overall development of application design and SAMA logic, configuration, alarm management and process-application simulation.
· Interface with customers on technical details during project execution.
· Develop test procedure and perform pre-FAT test, FAT test and IFAT.
· Perform project documentation ensuring all technical documents are properly documented and controlled.
· Ensure the project budgetary and schedule requirement are met.
· Ability to manage in-house team, external sub-contractors, remote EEC interface and liaise with other stakeholders
· Perform other related duties such as customer site support on assigned project and start-up activities.
· Acquires and maintains knowledge of Invensys, Foxboro and/or Triconex systems,engineering processes,best practices,and industry standards.
· Lead a team of technicians/engineers to carry out pre-assigned tasks during the project, site installation and site commissioning.
· Lead responsibility for the technical implementation of the project,resolution of all technical issues and directs the effort of the technical project team.
· Participates in engineering reviews of selected/assigned tasks such as;
Review of design documentation and drawings.
Monitoring for quality/quantity of incoming equipment and material.
Review of system hardware design/engineering including panels,cabinets,console bays,etc.
Review system/control/logic/alarm/Historian configuration.
Review graphic building/display configuration.
Support systems staging,integration and testing.
Lead site activities.
· Completes assigned projects to meet pre-defined criteria of time, cost, quality, and scope.
· Responsible for the implementation of the assigned technical portion of the project and interfaces with the customer engineering team.
· Provides complex application and process control engineering support, including hardware engineering and software configuration for all process industry.
· Translates customers requirements into project requirements documents such as; Functional design specifications, narratives, logic diagrams, SAMA diagrams.
· Assists the Project Manager in the implementation and resolution of technical issues that are selected/assigned.
· Provide Sales and Proposals technical support in preparation of quotations for tendered projects
· Performs all engineering procedures in accordance with the BMS Engineering Procedures Manual, and any other tasks that may be assigned from time to time...
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