BI Content Marketing Manager (TLV Office) | Sisense #Israel

Job Details:
We are looking for talented content writers with coding skills, business intelligence,
or data analytics knowledge to join our Marketing team on a full-time basis.
One of our team's primary goals is to pitch, research, and write in-depth articles that BI experts and
Data specialists will want to read, discuss and share.
This content will help expand our company’s digital footprint and awareness, as well
as supply our subscribers and leads with relevant information to interest further
inquiry and/or keep them engaged. You will determine the best educational and
product specific content advocating our solution, while tell interesting and timely
stories. You will also create materials to assist sales to take leads down the funnel.
This role requires a high level of creativity, attention to detail, and project
management skills.
What You’ll Do?
*. Identify and define articles that Sisense should create
*.Write articles that are authoritative, practical, and clear, such as:
*.Business Model Canvas - A Requirements & Needs Analysis Technique
*.Decision Model And Notation To Model Business Policies
*.Top 10 Mistakes In Use Case Modelling
*.The Uncomfortable Truth: We All Work In Sales
*.Build relationships with journalists, analysts, tech bloggers, open source contributors and product community leaders
*.Continually measure reader engagement with content, and iterate to improve content definition, craft, and distribut
*.You will have the support of Sisense engineers and other technical team members when you need an expert opinion
Desired Skills and Experience
What should You have?
· You should have vast BI knowledge
· You are a polished, published writer
· You have at least some code in a publicly available repo
· Great writing skills
· English – Mother Tongue
· Previous BI product management experience – an advantage
Successful candidates will be comfortable researching new technologies, learning how to use them and reducing their complex workings to clear prose...
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