Assistant Administrative Officer Chevron - Algeria

Job Details:
We presently have vacancies open for qualified individuals as we are embarking on a project which will require expertise in the following fields - Project management, contract administration, administrator/administrative manager, engineering, instrumentation, information technology and environmental/safety sciences.
To be considered for the opening, Applicants must ideally have the following general qualification and basic skills:
• At least a graduate degree in related academic field
• At least 6-12 months experience in similar or related work environment;
• Verbal and written communication skills;
• Organizational skills;
• Flexibility to work on a range of projects;
• A "can do" attitude
• Ability to use Microsoft applications
Also Applicants should have relatively acceptable skills in the following:
Developing Budgets, Coaching, Supervision, Staffing,Management Proficiency, Process Improvement, Tracking Budget Expenses, Self-Development, Planning, Performance Management
- North and South America
- Europe
- Asia
- Middle East
Interested candidates should reply via email with updated Resumes (CV) and also specify job location. Applicants who possess the required qualifications and skills will be short-listed for interview.
-All Resumes should be forwarded to
HR Department
Recruitment Section..
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