Senior Design Engineer - Memory | ARM- Bangalore, India

Job Details:
Roles & Responsibilities
*.Contribute in all parts of Advance Product Memory development flow, starting at design spec
*.Understand Memory design and development, analysis of memory marginality in advance technology (28nm/16nm and below)
*.Understand and perform physical verification, memory characterization, FE verification, release procedure and QA flow of the memory compilers
*.Experiment and evaluate new memory architectures and methodologies
*.Work with key resources to continually define, improve and develop memory design infrastructure and methodology
*.Lead and deliver on complex project requirements
*.Drive multiple projects and provide necessary technical guidance to the engineers
*.Perform presentations to ARM partners on memory products, product developments, memory technology
*.Work with key technical staff within the division as well as other divisions within ARM
*.Ensure high quality and high performance in memory compilers
Characteristics & Requirements
*.Enthusiastic, self-motivated, and flexible
High degree of initiative
*.Willingness and ability to contribute to process improvement initiatives
*.Strong communication skills, oral and written
*.Excellent presentation skills and ability to “think on your feet”
*.Flexibility and willingness to work with staff across the globe
*.Ability to travel
Essential Skills
*.4+ years of relevant circuit design experience
*.Good experience in circuit design, memory compilers and optimization
*.Circuit/Layout experience with deep submicron technologies (28nm/16nm or smaller)
*.Fundamental understanding of technology tradeoffs in deep sub-micron design
*.Fundamental understanding of Design For Manufacturability (DFM) techniques
*.Experience in low power circuit design techniques
Desired Skills
*.Experience working with place & route chip design tools
*.Experience with EDA tools such as Design Compiler, Astro, Physical Compiler, PrimeTime, SoC Encounter, Pacific, Nanosim, Pathmill, Spectre, HSPICE, etc
*.Programming or scripting experience...
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