IT Analyst | Johnson Controls - Georgetown, TX USA

Job Details:
Specific Duties:
1. Assist in the development of long and short-range plans for the acquisition and installation of computer infrastructure.
2. Participate in strategic planning and identify technology trends and directions as it relates to meeting the needs of the business.
3. Test and evaluate software and solutions to determine compatibility of form, fit, and function with existing systems .
4. Coordinate the implementation of new features, and enhancements to existing systems.
5. Analyze and recommend upgrades to hardware and/or software. Work within Johnson Controls guidelines to ensure compliance to corporate standards
6. Ensure all systems are properly maintained and supported.
7. Monitor performance and ensure systems are working properly and to optimum levels.
8. Troubleshoot and correct problems as they occur. Countermeasure issues in timely manner to support JIT operations
9. Communicate changes and facilitate or organize training to ensure user community can use systems effectively.
10. Assist in implementing systems or methods to record and track user questions and trouble calls.
11. Review trouble tickets to implement solutions to eliminate root causes.
12. Communicates effectively with internal and external customers at all layers of the corporate hierarchy.
13. Generate month end IT report
14. Comply with Johnson Controls and customer information/data security policies...
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