Customer Service Officer | HSBC- Nottingham Airport, UK

Job Details:
The Customer Service Officer role is situated within the branch network and is at the frontline of HSBC. You’ll be responsible for providing a high-quality service to our customers & you will keep Treating Customers Fairly at the heart of everything you do. To apply for this role, you need to genuinely want constant contact with customers, to be able to communicate professionally in English and to be willing to work flexibly as the role is likely to involve shifts.
You’ll focus on delivering an excellent service through ongoing coaching, and proactively identifying and addressing customer needs. Calm and objective under pressure, you'll have strong interpersonal and empathy skills, learn new approaches and knowledge quickly and actively look for responsibility. We'll rely on you to work on tasks independently and take appropriate responsibility for actions and decisions, so you'll be reliable, responsive and capable of rising to the challenge. You will enjoy keeping busy and will be able to sustain a high level of energy over a long period of time; driven to achieve challenging targets and keen to improve your own performance. You will be sensitive and understanding towards others; prepared to go out of your way to help. A conscientious approach is important in the Customer Service Officer role, where it is important that deadlines are met and tasks are completed.
On a day-to-day basis, you will assist in the delivery of the branch retail plan by:
*.Ensuring all customer needs are met and are maximised
*.Undertaking effective individual and business reviews
*.Ensuring processes and procedures are completed accurately
*.Working all Customer Contact Opportunity (CCO) lists
You will need to:
*.Demonstrate good personal judgement when assessing customer needs, providing confident reasoning on a face to face basis when explaining why decisions have been taken
*.Build and maintain good relationships with staff through a genuine desire to understand their needs and support them
*.Go out of your way to make customers and staff with different values or background feel welcome and respected
*.Use empathy and adapt your behaviour and style of communication to suit your audience
*.Uphold high standards of quality and quantity ensuring accuracy of work as well as speed of delivery
*.Engage in conversation with customers, building rapport and asking questions in order to build a better understanding of their needs
*.Adhere to regulations, legal obligations and data protection rules
*.Ability to follow instructions and seek advice or look up information if required
*.Cope with setbacks when targets aren’t met and remain tenacious in the pursuit of excellence in difficult times
*.Proactively seek feedback from customers and act upon it
*.Take on board new ideas and adapt them further to make them your own...
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