Area Agribusiness Manager | Diageo- Nairobi, Kenya

Job Details:
This role works closely with the following staff from EAML: Head of Agribusiness, Farmers, Research Officer, Government Agencies, Maltings personnel, Accounting staff and Agro-chemical companies. The role also works closely with Roads Engineer, County Council, Security personnel, Contractors, Transporters and Agricultural Officers.
Purpose of role:
Role will ensure security of supply by contracting growers to produce high quality barley, sorghum and certified seed as well as ensuring delivery to Maltings and Molo plants at the lowest cost possible
Offer extension services to improve on yield and quality
Manage loan portfolio for financed growers
Stakeholder’s management
Market Complexity:
There is high competition for suitable farms and farmers. This role finds it challenging recruiting as well as managing difficult and more knowledgeable farmers who might challenge policies and procedures.
Navigating difficult terrain and travelling long distances to reach the farms where barley is grown.
Top Accountabilities:
Recruit adequate farmers and suitable land to ensure delivery of agreed malting barley and sorghum quantities.
Advise the farmers on the best production techniques to better yields and quality
Register all growers and prepare crop assessment reports, and reduce company exposure to bad debts by recovering all advanced amounts
Carry out assessments to determine potential yields, to assist management determine adequacy or deficits, and storage needs.
Recruit adequate harvesting contractors and transporters and supervise the entire harvesting and delivery process.
Qualification & Experience:
Bachelor Science degree in Agriculture or a related field
Minimum of 3 years’ experience in cereal production or managing Out growers schemes
Knowledge on 1S0 quality management systems
Knowledge on machinery involved in production operations like planting, spraying and harvesting...
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