Procurement Assistant | International Organization for Migration (IOM)- Abuja, Nigeria

Job Details:
Core functions / Responsibilities
1.Assist in the planning and delivery of procurement services, ensuring appropriate quality controls, and consistent compliance with IOM policies and procedures.
2.Analyze procurement requests, identify service providers, and evaluate information regarding vendor’s performance in the areas of quality, prices, and delivery of goods in view of the Organization’s best interests.
3.Solicit bids, quotations, and tender documents; oversee bidding process and provide support for procurement transactions, analyze them for conformity to specified requirements; conduct appraisals and select suppliers, and confirm terms of payments; prepare purchase orders and ensure receiving authorization by Chief of Mission.
4.Perform vendor verification and market survey to secure cost-effective quality solutions for IOM’s procurement needs.
5.Follow up on purchase orders (PO) status and keep the requesting party abreast of estimated time of delivery or any changes that may affect or modify the pre-determined delivery conditions; ensure all expected goods are received in accordance with PO specifications and in good condition.
6.Formulate stockroom management practices, in order to ensure that stocks of supplies and materials are safe and accounted properly; control supply stock and monitor consumable materials, in order to be able to provide staff with ready access to common regularly used items and replenishment.
7.Monitor maintenance and repair of office facilities, including preventive maintenance. Establish maintenance agreements with competent service providers, when it is feasible and determined to be cost effective.
8.Maintain and update databases of preferred suppliers.
9.Regularly conduct physical and electronic inventory of the mission and establish a system of identification and allocation of assets.
10.In coordination with the security focal point, establish and implement appropriate security processes and procedures to safeguard all IOM inventories and assets.
11.Perform such other duties as may be assigned.
Desirable Competencies:
a) takes responsibility and manages constructive criticism; b) works effectively with all clients and stakeholders; c) promotes continuous learning: communicates clearly; d) takes initiative and drives high levels of performance management; e) plans work, anticipates risks, and sets goals within area of responsibility; f) displays mastery of subject matter; g) contributes to a collegial team environment; h) creates a respectful office environment free of harassment and retaliation, and promotes the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA); i) incorporates gender-related needs, perspectives, and concerns, and promotes equal gender participation;
a) Delivers on set objectives in hardship situations; b)effectively coordinates actions with other implementing partners; c)Works effectively with local authorities, stakeholders, beneficiaries, and the broader community to advance mission’s office objectives; d)follows internal control procedures to prevent fraud and mismanagement; e) Delivers on set objectives in strict deadlines; f) knowledge of procurement principles, processes and standards.
Desirable Qualifications and Experience
a. Atleast a Bachelor’s degree in Purchasing and Supplies, Logistics or Business Administration...
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