Photo Lab Technician | CVS Health- El Monte, CA, USA

Job Details:
To carry out all functions necessary in providing exceptional customer service, processing customer orders, and promoting/suggesting products and services to customers. To carry out all duties delegated by the Photo Lab Supervisor and Store Management Team.Required Qualifications:
Must be at least 16 years of age
Must Have The Ability To Perform The Following Tasks
Customer Service/Sales Building
*.Address all Photo Customers by name
*.Complete order envelopes for customers
*.Assist customers in deciding the product and/or service that best meets their needs
*.Prioritize all customer on-site orders based on pick-up time
*.Suggest additional photo products and services to all Photo customers
*.Follow all customer off-site order policies and procedures
*.Assist customers with questions, problems, complaints
*.Develop relationships with customers to promote repeat business and build sales
*.Maintain customer confidentiality
*.Operate a cash register
*.Actively participate in the Photo Lab Training and Certification Program by certifying in all necessary modules and assisting in training new Photo Lab employees within specified timeframes
*.Perform all functions necessary to open and close the Photo Lab
*.Develop, price and package photo orders
*.Prevent Photo waste prints from exceeding the established minimum standard
*.Maintain a professional appearance by following the dress code and wearing a lab coat and name tag at all times
*.Maintain a neat and organized Photo Lab and storage area
*.Follow Federal and State laws and OSHA regulations
*.Follow all Company and Loss Prevention policies
*.Operate all equipment, kiosks and technologies associated with the Photo Lab
*.Troubleshoot machine issues and malfunctions
*.Perform regular equipment maintenance
*.Utilize all communication tools provided by the company
*.Lift 50 pounds to a height of 4 feet
*.Notify Photo Lab Supervisor and Store Management Team of issues as they arise
*.Complete all required paperwork in the Photo Lab per company guidelines
*.Perform all Front Store and Pharmacy activities assigned by the Photo Lab Supervisor and Store Management Team
*.Face and dust all areas surrounding the Photo Lab
*.Stock and rotate inventory to ensure product homes are full at all times
*.Regularly check secondary home locations and restock as necessaryPreferred Qualifications:
*.Previous retail experienceEducation:
*.High school diploma or equivalent preferredBusiness..
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