Ecosystem Software Developer | IBM- Canada

Job Details:
The main responsibilities of the team will be to
*.identify and assess emerging open source assets and trends
*.port/tune/test the assets for zLinux platform
*.develop a Go-To-Market strategy to distribute the binaries and provide support
*.work with communities and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to contribute z changes back to open-source stream
Software developers on the team will participate in all aspects of the software development process, from design to implementation, from testing to product delivery and support. Ideal candidates should feel comfortable working in a driven software development environment.
*.Bachelor's Degree
*.At least 6 months experience in programming language with C/C++
*.Basic knowledge in problem determination
*.At least 2 years experience in Linux operating system
*.Basic knowledge in Open Source community development processes and tools
*.English: Fluent
*.Information Technology
*.Basic knowledge in Compiler knowledge
*.Basic knowledge in computer architecture, either x86 or POWER instruction set; Knowledge of z instruction set is a plus.
*.At least 6 months experience in one or more of the languages: Go, Erlang, Ruby/Rails, oCaml, Boost, Eclipse, PhP/Zend
*.At least 6 months experience in open source database/messaging/cloud applications
*.At least 6 months experience in delivering on a SaaS platform..
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