Audiologist | UPMC- Wexford, South Africa

Job Details:
This position will work a variety of daylight shifts.
Reports to the Director and in her absence to the Senior Audiologist. Performs clinical tests of hearing or hearing-related functions for the assessment of hearing abilities and/or for purposes of contributing to medical diagnoses of hearing and other neurological disorders, interprets and counsels patient as per the implications of the findings and, in appropriate cases, provides rehabilitative services primarily involving the use of hearing aids and other assistive listening technology.
-Demonstrates basics of service excellence towards patients, visitors, staff, peers, physicians, and other departments.
-Administration of routine Audiology tests.
-Interpretation of test findings and management.
-Using appropriate test methods, selects appropriate hearing aids for potential or known wearers, evaluates success with use of instrument, and provides counseling in the use of the instrument.
-Performs additional hearing-aid related services.
-The audiologist shall demonstrate competence in administering no less than five tests beyond the basic audiologic test battery.
-The audiologist is expected to participate in no less than one public hearing screening program per year or other extramural public relation program of similar time commitment.
-Performs other special duties: it is generally expected that an audiologist will develop some special skill and share this skill by accepting a special responsibility.
-The audiologist is expected to contribute to no less than two hours per year of didactic instruction to medical students or residents or ten hours per year of supervision of residents or Audiology Students.
Takes part in clinical research projects as requested by the Director. Responsible for data collection, analysis, and written descriptions.
-Sees that test equipment he/she uses is well maintained by being observant of signs of malfunctioning and reporting problems to the Senior Audiologist, Director, or service contractor (if appropriate).
Basic Qualifications
--Master's degree or AUD (clinical doctorate)
-Current Pennsylvania State License (20 hours of continuing education every two years)
-Audiologists maintain privileges at all satellite hospitals and maintain provider privileges (including Medicare UPIN #s) for all accepted insurance products
-Licensed Clinical Audiologist
-Act 34 Criminal Clearance
-Licensed Clinical Audiologist
-Audiology State License in the state of Pennsylvania...
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