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Job Details:
Performance Objectives
Elevate the Overall Customer Experience
*.At LinkedIn, Campaign Planners are expected to provide a world class sales support experience to both our internal sales teams and external clients. Campaign Planners will be expected to work closely with sales, account management, campaign management team(s) and internal departments with grace and confidence.
Drive revenue and results
*.Campaign Planners play a vital role within our advertising sales team. Campaign Planners are measured on their ability to ensure that all advertising campaign proposals are structured to meet client objectives and drive revenue. In addition, Campaign Planners will need to ensure they understand baseline campaign performance along with campaign performance for specific clients to produce the most effective plans for our clients.
Invest in the team
*.We have one of the best Ad Operations teams in the industry here at LinkedIn, and one of the greatest things about working at LinkedIn are the people that you will work with. Our Campaign Planners are expected to invest heavily in each other: growing and finding success in the job by learning from one another’s experiences and actively working to improve the team. Being compassionate leaders, inspiring others, being open, honest and assertive are all part of our culture. Making fast, high-quality decisions is essential. Work is hard but fun and you’ll love this experience....
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